A Guide to Place Settings: Breakfast

Making Breakfast Something Special 

Maybe your breakfast looks like this…

or this
or this.

We all do what works best for our schedules, but when you have a bit more time for breakfast you might consider taking an extra minute or two to set a place… at the table, at the breakfast bar, maybe even a placemat at your desk. 

Something as easy as adding a plate under your cereal bowl can make it a bit more special.
Note: The plate used in all these settings is a luncheon sized plate sometimes referred to as a breakfast plate. As I described in a previous post luncheon plates range in size from 9″ to just under 10″.

When you have time for a more leisurely meal you may go a bit further. Home Comforts by… suggest this place setting for a full breakfast of fruit, toast, eggs, juice and coffee or tea. 

Note: The rule for almost all place settings is that you only put out the flatware you’re going to use. 

This is a similar place setting but Emily Post’s suggested breakfast place setting includes a fruit spoon in addition to a place spoon. This fruit spoon and all the flatware in this photo is from Replacements.com which is a great resource to fill out those bit and pieces you need or more. (not paid, they’ve been so helpful and I always find exactly what I need)

This is a simplified version of the formal settings above but still special. A fruit bowl (with its own plate) and fruit spoon, a plate for the main course and of course a cup for tea or coffee. 

This is what I might set for a breakfast of tea and a croissant or toast.

You might want to include a whole pot of tea plus milk and sugar if two of your are sitting down for the meal. 

Here I’m just showing off this amazing coffee pot. Make a whole pot of tea, serve the coffee in a lovely coffee pot, or you can use the coffee pot for hot chocolate. 

It’s a bit difficult to make it out but I included a small juice pitcher and juice glass. 

That comment brings me to another suggestion I have to make your breakfasts a bit more special… decant.

This is pretty common for most of us, the bottle of juice and/or the milk carton are brought to the table. Maybe instead you decant them and serve in a lovely pitcher…

Something you can even do the night before. 
Turn this into…

This. 😁

Oatmeal served with the toppings in cute little containers makes it a little more special. 

Salt & Pepper like this?

or like this? 

While this setting is attractive it might not make sense for the way you eat. Maybe the egg holder goes directly on the breakfast plate with the toast points and there’s a bowl of fruit to the left of the napkin and no bread plate. A favorite cup or bowl instead of everything matching makes your place setting uniquely you. How can you best show off your special pieces?

This might be similar to something you’d see at a breakfast table in France; a plate for the croissant or a bowl of fruit and a massive tea cup (or tea bowl). 

Would sitting down to this place setting make you feel special? Do you think you’d enjoy the meal more?  (especially if someone else was doing the cooking) I 
always feel like I enjoy my meal more when I’ve taken the time to set a lovely table. 

Even a humble bowl of hot or cold cereal can be made into something extra special.  
Similar setting but with a pot of tea instead and only the flatware needed for the meal. 

Why go to all the trouble and have to wash all those extra dishes and serving pieces? Because you are worth the extra trouble of making everyday something special. 

Real life. Yep, this is often what my weekday breakfast looks like. A croissant or scone with jam and a big mug of tea at my desk, as well as my ever-present (sippy) cup of water. 
(I’m sorry but the ‘Juan the Fiesta cat’ salad plate is not currently available

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  1. This is a lovely compilation of breakfast options. I agree wholeheartedly that you should make a meal special, even if it's just for yourself.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  2. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Especially these days, we need to take some extra time to make our lives special.

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