Memorial Day Tablescape

Red, White & Blue

After reading a comment on the Etiquetteer’s Facebook page I’m hesitant to say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ as the purpose of the day is for “honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces”. 
That being said this weekend is usually celebratory for many as the ‘unofficial’ start of summer with BBQs and gatherings of friends & family. Whatever this weekend brings for you I hope you are well and finding ways to stay happy (and sane).

I finished this table yesterday on the first day of my four day weekend. I love a long weekend and how it allows me to slow down and take my time instead of trying to squeeze everything into two days and still find time to relax. 

I tried to keep the setting somewhat simple while trying to pull together whatever I could of the red, white & blue in my collection.

I’m very pleased with how everything came together… well maybe with the exception of the flowers. I was going to include a (faux) blue hydrangea but it just wasn’t the right color.

Usually when creating a tablescape I spend a lot of time making sure everything matches and/or supports the theme I have in mind. This time it was more about the theme and the colors than making sure it all matched and that’s why the glasses aren’t the same pattern and the spoons aren’t the same style as the fork and the knife. 

You’ll notice the difference in the napkin folds… I couldn’t quite figure out how to bring the two different luncheon plates together I tried a couple different things but then the napkin folding idea popped into my head and I’m really happy with how it turned out. 
One is (supposed) to be a sailboat because my Dad, and at least one of his brothers, was in the Navy and another of his brothers was in the Air Force.

My attempt at a sailboat napkin fold. 

And here is the airplane – modeled after the ever popular and enduring, paper airplane. 

And finally, here’s the aerial view of the table. Looks like I forgot to move the glasses back to their correct positions after I rearranged things for a photo. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my table. The Liberty Blue plates are from Le Stuff Antiques (a local store). The red plates are Rutherford Circle and I got those a couple of years ago at Home Goods (and so far I haven’t seen any more). The white dinner plates are Alex Liddy also from Home Goods about six years ago. The chargers are from Pier 1 and I just ordered them a couple of weeks ago. (WOW I just went to get a link to the chargers and saw that Pier 1 appears go be going out of business!

Memorial Day Tea Menu
  • Blueberry Scones
  • Apple Bleu Cheese Scones
  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Fried Chicken Croquette
  • Fresh Berries with Citrus Mint Syrup
  • Red, White & Blue Blondies
  • Strawberry Shortcake Parfait

I made a few changes to the tablescape, toned it down a bit to better align to the true meaning of Memorial Day. Today, May 30th, is the actual day that has been set aside for us to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I simplified by removing the red plates, glassware and flatware and the special napkin folds. 

These are the Liberty Blue dishes, the floral border is lovely. 

Most of the table…

Just when I was almost done putting things away I realized I missed taking so great set-up photos. I glanced over as I was finishing up and decided ‘better late than never’.

Thanks for stopping by 😁

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