Happy Cinco de Mayo & Happy Taco Tuesday!!

A Festive Tablescape for Cinco de Mayo

It’s a beautiful day here and perfect for celebrating just about anything, or as my Dad would say “It’s a beautiful day for saying it’s a beautiful day”. 

I’m pretty excited that I have all the ingredients ready for Taco Tuesday! Cooking up taco filling during the work week isn’t something I usually do but I made a double batch last time and put half of it in the freezer – YAY ME! AND I even remembered to pick up a couple avocados during my last trip to the store. 

It took a bit more creativity than usual to pull this tablescape together. I had a picture in my mind but I didn’t have those pieces in my collection so I worked with what I had. 

I did end up having to use paper guest towels for the napkins but I think they really were the right choice. I bought flowers from the grocery store because I was totally stumped when it came to the centerpiece. 

Fun fact (maybe) I was sitting at my desk working and giving some thought to creating this tablescape, “I just don’t have a charger that’s going to work”. I often eat lunch at my desk and had brought in one of these Pier 1 placemats (still available here) to use in my home office. When I noticed it on my desk I realized that these placemats were perfect and they turned out to be the inspiration for the whole table. 

These Pier 1 (from a couple years ago) painted glasses just make me happy. I was trying to figure out what glassware to use and when I pulled one of these out of the cabinet I saw that they matched the placemats perfectly. I was surprised because of the teal blue, I hadn’t realized that same color was woven into the placemat. YAY!🙌

They also work perfectly with my blue dessert plates!

At first, I was a bit stressed trying to pull this all together (tablescaping should never be stressful) but once everything started falling into place I really enjoyed the whole process. 

I’ve inadvertently changed a setting on my camera to ‘vibrant’ but I figured with such a festive and colorful table it worked.

Gorgeous colors in the bouquet, even the dye job on the hydrangea seems almost natural (as long as you don’t think about it too much).

I just adore all the vibrant colors mixed together! These plates are hand-me-downs from a friend and prior to this I think I’ve only ever used them for Halloween. 

Extreme close-up of the setting. One would think that the manufacturer would place their stamp on the other side of the blade so that it doesn’t show when the knife is in place. Then again, one should really not be thinking too much about flatware unless it’s in the process of transporting yummy food to your mouth.

Lastly, the aerial view of the entire tablescape taken by my handy indoor drone (or maybe it was me on the step-stool).

I hope you’re having (or had) a fantastic Tuesday wherever you are and however you decided to celebrate the day. 

Tea Menu (A Cinco de Mayo tea? Why not?!)
Selection of Mexican Sweet Rolls
Green Chile Corn Muffins
Black Bean Cakes
Chicken Empanadas with Queso Dip
Radish Slaw
Mexican Rice Pudding
Orange Flan
Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes

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