A Run for the Roses Revisit

A Derby Tablescape

A quick (re)-post of table I did a few years ago in honor of the tradition and fun of the Kentucky Derby.

I painted these horses and attached roses to their tails. They turned out pretty cute especially if you didn’t look too close 😉. 

I really enjoy all the pageantry and excitement around the Derby (and all the races of the Triple Crown). The gorgeous hats and clothes as well as the really goofy hats and wild outfits. As often as I’ve tried I think of I’ve only remembered to get a hat ready once or twice. 👒 

The few days before and the morning of the race my friend and I exchange texts discussing our favorite horses. She’s usually better at picking horses that finish in the top three than I am. We don’t actually bet on our picks we just enjoy the process and the celebration when ‘our’ horses win.

It will be interesting to see if how the date change affects the attire.  Even though it frequently rains on Derby day everyone is usually dressed in bright spring colors. Will they adopt a more fall-like palette or just carry spring to September? 🏇

At my last watch party we made mojitos instead of mint juleps, they were delicious! At that time I don’t think I had the julep cups you now see on the table or I decided not to use them. Somewhere I have a recipe for mint julep tea which I’ll be enjoying during the race in September. 

I have julep cups (not sterling but still shiny) but I don’t have those rose plates anymore. When I moved I decided to downsize my collection a bit and sets that were just 2 or 3 had to go.

I think I like this horse the best!
I love dishes and I’m constantly seeing patterns that I’d happily add to my collection. However, adding to the collection in any significant way will have to wait until I have a dish room. 

The Arkansas Derby was held today, it’s a qualifying race for the Kentucky Derby. While it was a great day of horse racing there was none of the fun and excitement since there weren’t any people in the grandstands. **sigh** I had to run an errand (yeah, should have checked post time before I made that appointment) so I missed one of the races but I did record it. 

A Special Derby Tea Menu

Chocolate & Rose Petal Scones
Peach Scones
Sweet Potato Biscuits with Ham
Kentucky Hot Browns Canapes
Derby Slaw
Chocolate Pecan Pie Squares
Grasshopper Pie
Rose Sugar Cookies

I’ll be joining the party over at A Stroll Through Life and Ginger Snap Crafts and Between Naps on the Porch and The Dedicated House – Make it Pretty Monday and My Wee Abode

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