A Vintage Spring Table

Happy Spring!!

As if Spring and it’s incredible weather mood swings isn’t weird enough this year we have an added plot twist making things even weirder, enough said. 

I started putting this table together before Easter and before spring really started to bloom (work really gets in the way of my play time). Since springtime here starts out chilly and gray I decided to use a vintage dish set by Brock of California and it’s called California Farmhouse ~ 1940’s (It turns out that I have a few Brock Harvest pieces as well) instead of something pastel and floral. 

I fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it (and bought a few pieces) in an antique store and I’ve been able to add to my collection from Etsy sellers and the amazing Replacements.com.

In the photo above this place setting is paired with a place mat and napkin that were my Grandmother’s. I only have two of the place mats and three napkins. I just love the delicate embroidered flowers and wish I could find more. 

This picture shows the embroidery as well as the gradient yellow edge on the plates and bowl

Above is a poorly centered photo of the nite-light in the dining area and the cable outlet. I decided to feature the cable outlet because they’re everywhere in this house!  
There’s every chance in the world I’ll eventually be able to use some software to camouflage these kinds of unintentional photo bombs. 

How about that amazing reflection shot in the knife blade?

This is such a cheerful set and just perfect for breakfast or brunch. The completer pieces are adorable! The butter dish (on my wish list) looks like an iron. The salt & pepper look like milk cans, the jelly/jam jar looks like a pot belly stove (wish list) and I have casserole is shaped like a frying pan.

I was fortunate to find the coffee pot above on Etsy, it’s in excellent condition and it’s huge. This seller also had… drum roll please… THE LUNCHEON PLATES!!! (aka breakfast plates in other patterns) I’m a tea drinker but haven’t found a tea pot for this set yet. As much as I love dishes I try to be selective when purchasing additional pieces. However, I’m actually amazingly talented when it comes to finding good reasons to add to my collection. (Maybe my office can double as a dish room?)
For anyone playing at home – what’s missing from the place setting above? (hint: check the flatware)

Notice the little coal scuttle at the top of the plate. I’m not sure what it was created for but I love it!


Above, the deconstructed plate stack. As you may recall most of my tablescapes include a charger under the plate stack this one features a dinner plate as the charger because that seemed more appropriate for breakfast. Yeah, and uh, I-don’t-currently-have-a-charger-that-would-work-with-these-colors. 😁

An important announcement! Change Everything is moving and changing everything. The new blog is called 
Tablescapes by ME. 
Hope to see you there!

I’m going to leave you with this…

Gorgeous spring blossoms in shades of pink on a fruitless pear tree. 

AND – a Tea Menu for early spring
Cream Scones
Oat Apricot Scones
Apple & Cheddar tea sandwiches
Coronation Chicken Salad
Dill Butter & Cucumber tea sandwiches
White Chocolate & lime Blondies
Cherry Tartlets 

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