It’s Just Been Too Long

Happy (?) January –

Has your January been sort of weird? I saw a post on Facebook that said something like, “Feels like it’s January 74th” and that feels so true. 
Then the next day I locked myself out of the house… January 75th. 

Today being the last day of long month calls for a bit of celebration and a bunch of random pictures that I have just been waiting around.  

I went to the coast in July for a bit of a get-away. It was glorious!

These hydrangea were on the hotel grounds. It’s hard to tell here how massive these flower heads were, probably 12″ across or larger. Just gorgeous!

I can still hear the pounding of the surf, it drowns out any attempt at conversation. All the better to just enjoy it. 

The hotel I stayed at was across the street from the beach and only a few rooms had a view to the ocean. That’s okay it was a short walk but I missed hearing the ocean during the night. 

I don’t have a picture of the room though it was roomy and comfortable, and as many hotels on the coast do, it had a gas fireplace. 

I was quite impressed with the amenities in the bathroom. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a hotel that provides cotton swabs and cotton balls, not to mention the make-up removing towelette.

They also did a decent job with the free breakfast, my only complaint the juice wasn’t cold. I know – picky much? 
I look forward to going back to spend a few days and enjoying more of the social events the hotel hosts. 

My next trip was to check out another coastal hotel; first just to check it out, and second another brief vacation. 

This place was an older resort with great reviews and ratings. When I checked in they upgraded me to a suite. WHAT?!?! Oh, sure, yeah no problem, if it’ll help you out I’ll take the suite. 

Gorgeous, yes? The fireplace is two sided, unfortunately the bedroom side didn’t work. 

 Yes, I did soak in this amazing tub!

It was AMAZING. This is the view from the back deck…

And this is the back deck, very cozy with two rocking chairs and a little table. 

A walk out to the beach, again across the street and down a long path…

I didn’t find the beach going this way but I did enjoy the walk.

The hotel gave me directions and I was able to find the ocean though not the kind of beach one relaxes on to watch the waves. Very steep, and very rough sand. On the other side of the little peninsula I found some gorgeous driftwood.

I did enjoy the resort but it’s a long drive for just a short weekend and the grounds were in need of a lot of attention. It was August and the hiking trails still hadn’t been cleaned up from the winter. It was built in 1965 and seems like a place people would have taken the whole family for a couple weeks during the summer. I love the vintage feel of the place and wish they’d play that up a bit more. 

From here, I went up to the mountains to try and catch a glimpse of the meteor shower.

This koi pond was right inside the front door of the lodge I stayed at to catch the meteor shower. It was a lovely place run by a retired couple. In his spare time the husband was a big game hunter so everywhere you looked there was a trophy of some kind, fortunately NOT in the guest rooms. Like most B&Bs they cater to couples and the husband seemed to be very uncomfortable with a single woman staying there. His problem, not mine.

The mantel on the massive fireplace is gorgeous. I don’t recall now what it is but some type of tree that grew around some other tree. The owners were very happy to brag on endlessly about choosing the logs, the stones for the fireplace, etc, etc.  They very conveniently used ‘designed’ and ‘built’ the lodge interchangeably. There’s pride and then there’s ego. Anyhow… 

When I saw this silver coffee set tucked under the stairs I couldn’t get enough of it. I guess it was a gift from an old friend or perhaps their daughter.  Absolutely beautiful, I wonder if it ever gets used. 

They’re in the 70’s, he might be closer to 80’s. She seems to do all the work around the place, all that laundry, making breakfast, making sure the lawn gets watered evenly, but I think she said they have people to come in and clean at least once a week. 

The bed was pretty comfy and the room and adjacent bathroom were clean. I would have preferred crisp, white sheets on the bed but she had everything color coordinated – so my sheets and towels were navy blue. ??

Before I finish, here’s one of my favorite irises from my trip to the Iris Farm and one of the ones I bought for myself. I look forward to posting a photo when it blooms in my garden. 

Your etiquette tip this time is about airline travel – we all want to get there in a hurry but oh my, it can be a trial. When there are three seats across the person stuck in he middle gets both arm rests. I was fortunate that the two people sitting on either side of me were either conscious of this or just not interested in hogging the arm rest.

For smaller planes where there are only two seats on either side, the person next to the window gets the arm rest between the two seats unless you’re the guy who I sat next two and insisted on taking both for himself. Not a big deal since they were at an uncomfortable height for me.

I was VERY happy to see that this airline was strictly enforcing the ‘only two carry on rule’ and saw more than one person stopped as they got to the gate. It’s frustrating for those of us who abide by the rules to see people carrying on multiple bags and/or ginormous bags that will take up two over-head compartments. Then all the flight attendants do is help them find a place for all their stuff.

Take 10 seconds and dream big dreams, in your mind’s eye see whatever it is you want to see in your life. 

Thanks for stopping by. Back to table settings for my next post!

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