A Surprising Friday the 13th

I try to keep fresh flowers in the house and that usually means that I pick some up at the grocery store when I do my shopping.  A couple of months ago after meeting some friends for coffee we walked out of the coffee shop and saw that there was a new florist so we stopped in to check it out.  She had some beautiful flowers and I was impressed that many of them smelled like they were supposed to, rather than that generic florist smell. 

This florist happens to be where I get on and off the train every day for my commute. Since it was so convenient I figured I would treat myself to some of the gorgeous flowers from this florist every now and then. 

It was Friday, I’d had a good day at work and it wasn’t raining too hard so I headed to the florist when I got off the train. I was looking around enjoying all the gorgeous flowers and thinking about what I wanted to get myself.  

The owner was talking with another woman while I was looking around. After a few minutes she took a break and asked me what I wanted; I asked how much 1/2 dozen roses were and the amount she told me was just a bit over my budget so I asked for some gorgeous white lilies instead. 

Without a moments hesitation the woman who was speaking to the owner said “I’ll buy the roses for you” and turned to the owner “I’ll get the roses for her”. She explained that she often bought herself flowers and she wanted to do this for me. And again “I’ll get the flowers for you”. I picked out these beautiful pinky peachy roses and the owner wrapped them up for me. I introduced myself to this amazing stranger and thanked her the best I could. I wished her well with her party planning and left the shop in complete joy and amazement and love. 

To Carol, the wonderful woman who decided in a split second that she wanted to buy a total stranger a few roses on a Friday afternoon, thank you for reminding me of what’s really important. For allowing me to be the recipient of the Law of Giving and Receiving.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

I will definitely be paying it forward at every opportunity and have designated every Friday the 13th as Buy Flowers for a Stranger Day. 

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